The Geometric Future Eskimo Junior 36 AIO Cooler Evaluation: Subdued Minimalism

Today we’re taking a look at a all-in-one closed loop cooler from a face that’s brand-new to AnandTech: Geometric Future. Established in 2020, Geometric Future is a PC elements maker with an objective of setting themselves apart in the congested PC market by redefining modern-day aesthetic appeals. Their method to create stresses the application of geometric aspects and minimalist viewpoint, as shown in their motto, “Streamline”. They concern themselves as a prospective future foundation in China’s style market, beginning with a little action in the IT sector.

For such a brand-new business, Geometric Future has actually currently made considerable strides in the world of PC power and cooling items. Among their most noteworthy items– and what we’re examining today– is the Eskimo Junior 36, an all-in-one CPU liquid cooler offered in 240mm and 360mm sizes. This cooler is developed with a minimalist visual in mind, including a simple CPU block and geared up with high-performance Squama 2503 fans. Geometric Future pitches the Eskimo Junior 36 as being crafted to offer an ideal balance of cooling effectiveness and aesthetic appeals, making it able to accomplish outstanding cooling abilities while keeping low sound levels.

However marketing claims aside, we will see where it stands in today’s extremely competitive market in this evaluation.

Geometric Future Eskimo Junior 36 360mm AIO CPU Cooler Requirements
Type All-in-One Liquid Cooler
Measurements 397 x 120 x 52 mm (radiator with fan)
78 x 78 mm (primary block)
55 x 55 mm (coldplate)
Fans 3 x 120 mm Squama 2503B FDB Fans
2000 RPM (max)
Supported Sockets Intel: LGA1700/ LGA1200/ LGA115x/ LGA2066/ LGA 2011

AMD: AM5/ AM4/ TR4

Guarantee 5 Years
Rate $ 120

Product Packaging & & Package

The business ships the Eskimo Junior 36 in a long and big cardboard box that means the measurements of the cooler. An in-depth render of the cooler itself embellishes the front side of the yellow/white box, with absolutely nothing however the compatibility badges recommending that the cooler functions RGB lighting. Inside package, the cooler is safely positioned within custom-made cardboard inserts, guaranteeing its defense throughout transit.

Geometric Future products just the important parts needed to utilize the cooler right out of package, without any additional products or devices provided. The noteworthy part here is that they offer installing hardware for almost all presently offered customer CPU sockets, consisting of TR4 for Threadripper 5000 processors.

The Geometric Future Eskimo Junior 36 AIO Liquid Cooler

Initially glimpse, the Geometric Future Eskimo Junior 36 cooler familiarly lines up with the basic style of a lot of 360 mm AIO coolers in the market. This cooler follow the normal AIO setup, including a single radiator, 2 tubes, and a combined block that incorporates a copper CPU contact plate with a compact liquid pump. Geometric Future uses black sleeved low-permeation rubber tubing, with an eye towards boosting both versatility and visual quality. This style option highlights Geometric Future’s dedication to mixing practical cooling services with a smooth and more advanced look.

The significant radiator of the Geometric Future Eskimo Junior 36 cooler, determining 397 mm in length, requires a case that can house 3 120 mm fans in series, in addition to appropriate space for the radiator’s additional measurements. This radiator, with a density of 27 mm, needs an overall clearance of 55 mm when coupled with fans to guarantee appropriate setup in a system. Design-wise, it sticks to the common double pass cross-flow setup, defined by little fins soldered onto thin, oval tubes. A distinguishing characteristic of this cooler is the business logo design, discreetly engraved throughout the sides of the radiator, however is almost unnoticeable and probably just the yellow “O” will show up inside a PC case.

The primary block of the Geometric Future Eskimo Junior 36 AIO cooler is developed with a minimalist method. It is a really smooth and tidy strong block of metal with a high-gloss plastic leading cover. 90 ° fittings accommodate both tubes on its side and 2 cable televisions exit from the very same location, one 4-pin power cable television and one for the RGB lighting that can be connected either to the consisted of controller or any other suitable RGB controller. The focus of the style seems on accomplishing a balance in between performance and a tidy, downplayed look, in line with Geometric Future’s general style values.

At the bottom of the primary block assembly, we can see an octagonal contact plate that is connected to the plastic base cover with 8 screws. Its surface area is not polished to a mirror surface however is effectively smooth and flat. The contact plate is 55 × 55 mm, substantially smaller sized than the general 78 × 78 mm size of the whole block however appropriate for presently offered CPU passes away, with the exception of the Threadripper processors that require a contact surface area that is at least 70 mm long. In spite of that, the Eskimo Junior 36 will still deal with a Threadripper processor, simply not efficiently

The 3 120 mm fans provided with the Eskimo Junior 36 most likely are the emphasize of the whole package. The power and RGB cable televisions of the fans are brief, including both a male and a female adapter. This enables several fans to be linked in parallel to each other (daisy-chain) and just one extension wire can be utilized to link all 3 fans to the power and to the RGB controller. They include a fluid bearing engine and have an optimal speed of 2000 RPM. The emphasize of these fans is their scale-like “Squama” rubber surface area that apparently enhances efficiency and lowers aerodynamic sound levels. The business’s efficiency specs for the fans appear a little overconfident, particularly the incredibly low dB( A) score, which would recommend that the pump is in fact louder than the fan( s) and, as we will likewise see in the following pages, that is most absolutely not the case. These fans likewise include RGB lighting, despite the fact that their all-black style hides it even from skilled PC contractor eyes.

The RGB lighting of the Geometric Future Eskimo Junior 36 cooler is developed with subtlety in mind. It includes a ring of RGB lighting around the leading edge of the primary block and on the fan frames. This style option boosts the cooler’s visual appeal without being extremely noticeable or diminishing its minimalist visual. The RGB lighting on the Eskimo Junior 36 is a great example of Geometric Future’s dedication to integrating practical efficiency with tidy, advanced style aspects.

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